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Cancer is the enemy of health and life, according to the survey, China's cancer proportion accounts for 23 percent of the world.Every minute, nine people are diagnosed with cancer, so the health check for cancer and tumor should be paid attention to from the early stage。


Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment are the key to cancer recovery。Most cancers in the early stages, the cure rate can reach more than 90%, and the ctc detection technology of the point detection core, has many advantages in the field of cancer screening, is the core of the brand to stand out。


Chongqing DiaTech Biotechnology Co., LTD.It is a high-tech medical technology enterprise focusing on tumor research and development transformation, liquid biopsy, risk assessment and diagnosis and treatment consultation。The core of the company is non-invasive tumor accurate detection research,Established its own independent research institute of tumor detection technology transformation, medical laboratory and artificial intelligence pathology diagnosis laboratory,Through standardized laboratory quality management system, leading inspection and testing technology platform, extensive and convenient laboratory network,And professional cold chain logistics system,Provide accurate scientific research, testing and consulting services for cancer。


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Point-based ctc services include early screening for cancer diagnosis, postoperative efficacy assessment, and cancer recurrence detection. Compared with traditional detection, it has the advantages of more accurate, more comprehensive, early detection, and non-invasive。We will capture the highlights of the technology to capture cancer cells,It is reflected in the logo of the point check,The initial letter C of Cancer Cell was used as the main design element,Combine the hand shape of the Capture,The cancer cell capture link in ctc technology is emphasized,Highlight technical highlights。


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