Brand design | three brand upgrades in ten years, only to create an IP image that moves consumers -- Zhenshanmei Pharmacy


Client | Project name:Truth, Goodness and Beauty Pharmacy

Category | Project category: Brand upgrading

Trade | Project Industry: 医疗

Time | Project Time:2019年

Location | Project Location:重庆




Ten years dedicated to health services

Convey the culture of "truth, goodness and beauty"

Truth, Beauty Pharmacy, founded in 2010, is a professional and highly innovative pharmaceutical company。For 10 years, true, good and beautiful." The true, the good, the beautiful"Core values, dedicated youth and enthusiasm for human health。



Three brand upgrades in ten years

Emphasis on brand spirit symbol

Since the beginning of the pharmacy in 10 years, we have done three brand upgrades for him:



2010:Industry attribute

In the early days of the brand, for a new brand, we put hisThe cross symbol is the focus of the designBy amplifying his medical industry attributes, consumers can quickly establish an impression of his brand。


2015: Simple style internationalization

After several years of market precipitation, the brand attributes in the minds of consumers have matured, and it is necessary to further convey the core value of the brand。So, we simplified the cross by optimizing the visual expression,Incorporate minimalist fonts and abbreviationsThe performance of simple style and internationalization, intuitively convey the brand concept from the logo。


2019: Bridge of Communication

Combined with the business expansion of the brand online mall and health service butler, the core concept of the brand is deeply emphasized, and the brand is comprehensively upgraded。我们Create an IP identity for the brandTo establish a bridge of communication with consumers, so that consumers can more accurately distinguish them from other similar or similar products when purchasing and using products and services。Logo designUse a smoother font with rounded cornersAnd contrasting colors echo the IP image。




Full penetration of brand concept

Build a medium for communication and dialogue with the audience

We passCreate a discernible IP imageLet the brand capture the eye of consumers and resonate, convey the image of the brand to consumers, improve consumers' awareness of the brand, narrow the distance between consumers and products, and let consumers feel the humanistic care of the brand through the IP image。

Combining the core philosophy and selling points of the true, good and beautiful pharmacy, withInteresting expression forms and diversified character attributesMake the IP image more three-dimensional and emotional, so that consumers understand the brand in the process of understanding the role。

Creative inspiration: Combined with the intelligent robot image, create a "warm and professional" toned brand IP image。



Minimalism replaces complex design

Pay attention to the generalization of image and the strengthening of features

We use the simplest form to summarize IP,Use soft and inclusive external image and cross medical logo as creative elementsMake IP emotional expression more intense, but also increase the recognition tension of IP。

Choosing white, in addition to representing the doctor, has one of the most important psychological implications, that is, safety。Surrounded by white, everything is pure and smooth, so people feel safe and protected in it,Meet emotional and psychological needs, get emotional support and companionship


Deliver brand altruism

Create an IP image that moves consumers

Meidu, not only the body is soft, but also the feeling is soft, bringing a sense of security。

In fact, we initially think of security as a kind of protection, dependence, or a kind of strength and hardness。But in the end, the real sense of security is the part that makes us feel soft inside, and it is also the brand concept that we want to convey to the Truth, Goodness and Beauty Pharmacy。


The IP image is not only the carrier of the brand concept, but more importantly, through the expression of the IP image, it can convey the altruism of the brand, so that consumers can feel the resonance from the heart, and bring feelings and feelings。

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Material extension

The IP image we created for the brand this time is not only the application of graphics, but also can be used in animation and physical dolls to promote and express from multiple angles。