Frog fish pool | live frog is killed, do attitude of the beautiful frog

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As a subdivision of the hot pot, the American frog fish head has a group of loyal consumer groups。Because of the category unique, this group of consumers have a stronger purpose, just choose the brand they think is right from the category, they can easily become a loyal fan of the brand。How to become the preferred brand in the American frog head category has become the top priority。


Look at the current market situation of American frog head,The head brand has its own characteristics,But there is no definition of the word "delicious", the basic label of the restaurant industry,For the main force of American frog fish head consumption - after 90 said,It's not just about taste,You also need to have unique standards,Pleasant spatial experience and social attributes,And this is our chance。


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The term "label" originated from the music industry, and we applied its concept to "Frog Fish Pool", positioning "delicious production label", to express our own output standards for the production of beautiful frog fish head, and adhere to the attitude of beautiful frog fish head details。The "brand" also has its own social attributes, and is a personalized label for Frogfish Tan to communicate with this group of young consumers。


We show the standardized production requirements of the frog fish pond in the product and the base material。The logo strengthens the characteristics of the live frog in the Frog fish Pool, gives consumers a reason to choose the frog fish pool, and enhances consumers' preference for the brand。The selection and production standards of the American frog are presented digitally, so that consumers can intuitively feel the freshness and quality of the frog。On the vi of the oil, we highlighted the cleanliness and freshness of the disposable bottom material of Ranyu Tan through "100%", "one-time", "No reuse" and other documents。


In terms of space, we fit the concept of the brand, in a way that young people like, we display our standard output of frogs on the wall, and use relevant materials to build the whole frog fish pool into a comfortable, clean and delicious manufacturing space。


At the same time, the phonetic alphabet of the frog comes with a "wa" attribute, this natural gene, so that the frog has the basis for interaction with young people, but also make it easier for the brand to communicate with consumers, and further produce correlation。




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