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As we all know, Chongqing food flavor type to spicy, Sichuan and Chongqing area people generally on the non-spicy type of food acceptance is not high, to open a Hong Kong Cantonese taste of tea restaurant in Chongqing, the difficulty can be imagined。However, the popularity of Tudor's Chongqing branch is not entirely due to its brand awareness, but can prove that in the Chongqing market, consumers are more inclusive of Cantonese tea, and Hong Kong Cantonese tea restaurants are not without a way out。Find the key winning points, and the project will succeed。


We spent several days in Guangdong's famous Hong Kong restaurants and morning tea restaurants, and found that for Cantonese people, tea is not only a kind of food, just a meal, but also represents a leisurely and relaxed lifestyle。Every day, they make appointments with relatives or friends, eat delicious snacks in the tea restaurant, chat over tea, and share life has become their daily routine。


On the contrary, Chongqing,We investigated the customer base of Banan Wanda and the status of surrounding restaurants,Found that most of the catering is immobilized central kitchen,All that was offered was a meal,Consumers are also used to a lifestyle of fast-paced eating,It's rare to really sit down and enjoy a meal,Feel and share the beauty and joy of life。And catering should be the shining point in life, we bring Guangdong tea culture to Chongqing, to provide consumers with another way of catering, is the opportunity of the project。


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At any time can let three or five friends easily taste food, at the same time drink tea and chat to share life of a leisurely space - three package point hand do a wide point。


In terms of price, we compared the per capita price of the surrounding competitive products and chose a mainstream track, advocating a price that the general public can afford, and presenting a value experience beyond consumers' expectations from all aspects。


On the product,We highlight the emphasis on "hand wide point,Fresh and visible "feature,With "fresh, hand-made, authentic" three core,Redefine the three packets,Cooperate with "Hong Kong and Guangdong famous teacher", "limited supply" and other copywriting,Let consumers intuitively feel the quality of each snack,At the same time, strengthen the innovation of dim sum,Ensure that every snack can surprise the consumer。


In terms of space, we use 2-6 people to set the table, the overall atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, on the wall, we integrate a lot of Hong Kong and Guangdong morning tea culture "two cups", "blowing water", etc., so that the brand is more authentic, but also easier to let consumers immerse in the scene。


Sanbao Wuzhi provides consumers with not only a series of exquisite and innovative snacks, but also provides a reason for friends and relatives to meet, provides a space for people who are oppressed by life to relax, and provides a more leisurely and refined lifestyle and life attitude for young people who are willing to share。


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