Brand design | China-France Environmental Protection Research and Development Center

Company Enterprise 1-01

Chongqing Sino-French Environmental Protection Research and Development Center Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and increased its capital and shares in 2019。Combining the advantages of long-term cooperation between Chongqing Water Environment Holding Group and Suez,Fully integrate the resources of both sides,The development position of the R&D center is to create a "leader in the digital transformation of the domestic environmental industry",To provide research and development support for the development of China's environmental industries,To provide technical support and enhance core competitiveness for both Chinese and foreign parties to carry out environmental industry investment and operation in China。


Company Enterprise 1-02

1, the letter e oblique tip upward, meaning to break the convention, break through the industry limitations, courageously upward


2. Water is the source of life, and leaves represent life and environmental protection. Combining the shape of leaves and water droplets, the letter e is deformed, which not only highlights the attributes of Sino-French water, but also indicates the outstanding contribution and beautiful vision of Sino-French water resources and environmental protection。


3, the Logo is composed of blue and green letter e,Blue symbolizes technology and the future,Green symbolizes life and environmental protection,It is a symbol that China and France have always,Independent research and development with scientific technology and perseverance,For the development of water systems and environmental protection efforts,Contribute to making water resources and the environment better and better


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