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Shengdong Residence is a scenic vacation service organization. It has always taken "creating scenic value" as the core concept of vacation service. It respects nature, respects land, pays attention to ecology, controls the damage to nature and ecology to the maximum extent, and magnates the value of scenery itself。At the same time: asset-light rolling development logic and all for the experience of the design principle。


Since 2005,To create such as Kasasa (2022 Snow Deer Award, Village construction Model of the year), Shapotou Star Hotel (China's Best Tourism Planning and Design Award, China Hotel Starlight Award, the Best tourism resort hotel in Asia), Yuntun Star Tree House Wild luxury hotel, Yunfeng Mountain Fairy Tree House Hotel and other well-known scenic vacation projects。


This time, we have the honor to upgrade the image of Shengdong Hostel and create a new brand vi system。


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In this upgrade, we consider that Shengdong Hostel is committed to providing scenic vacation services worldwide, so we choose a more international brand English name "sundon" as the main design body of the LOGO, focusing on the expression of "do".。


"do" is action, and it is also the core value of Shengdong Hostel, that is, continuous creativity and solution to enhance the value of the landscape。


"sun" The sun, representing an upward spirit, is the force of eternal innovation in St。


The "N" stands for Nature and unity, which is exactly what Saint East Hostel is currently doing - a sustainable scenic resort operation strategy。The overall logo conveys the corporate spirit and core business of Suntung in a more modern and concise way。Forest green is the main brand color, showing the awe of nature。With the original wood color as the secondary brand color, Shengdong expresses that it is not changing nature, but creating value through wood elements。


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